About SteamLine

A history of extended service for the textile industry…

Founded in 2002, SteamLine A/S is a natural extension of Prime Cargo’s offer for improved service in the textile industry.

The company’s credo is to provide rapid and precise handling of garments in a stable and flexible environment.  Each member of our team appreciates the importance of being a final link in the chain before garments are presented in retail markets.

Room for everything…

SteamLine’s facilities can be found in more than 2000 m2 of space dedicated to “prime press and processing” at Profilvej 4, which already houses Prime Cargo, with equipment ready and an inserted deck used for both hanging garments and cartons.

Our attractive geographic location and accomplished team coupled with technological advances in the “prime press and processing” industry makes SteamLine an attractive partner assured to save our clients time and money.  Based on our methodologies, goods do not have to be moved once they arrive at our facilities.  After final treatment at SteamLine, they are ready for direct delivery to stores.