Warehouse outsourcing

We have a vast experience in operating a warehouse with many different types of goods. 

Warehousing is a complex operation for most companies as the warehousing solution should be flexible and adaptable to your company's needs – both short and long term. If you will optimise your warehouse services by outsourcing the warehouse function, we have both the experience and 100,000 m² of storage space for both B2B and B2C businesses.

Distribution, storage and warehouse services


We have efficient and custom-made solutions where we together with our customers plan e.g. seasonal fluctuations that can change the need for storage space and services.

If you outsource your warehouse to us, we can help you with sorting, storage, preparation for shipping, including relabelling and quality control.

FDA Approval

We also have the the Danish Veterinary and Food Administrations approval to store and handle your foods.
With the approval of the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, we ensure that your food is stored safely in our warehouse and complies with the requirements of the authorities.

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Terminal 3 (Kolding, E-commerce): https://www.findsmiley.dk/72898
Terminal 6 (Vejen): https://www.findsmiley.dk/93677


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