E-Commerce Warehousing and Logistics Solutions

Efficient logistics is the Alpha and the Omega for your webshop. But e-commerce logistics can also quickly take time and focus away from everything else. In particular, when consumers place higher and higher demands for shipment solutions and return services. 

E-Commerce logistics services

With an e-commerce solution from Prime Cargo, you can leave all the "hassle" to people who love it, while having more opportunities to give your customers a fantastic shopping experience at your webshop.

Prime Cargo makes warehousing and logistics for your webshop simpel and efficient. As part of our service we can pack your orders 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and we have daily deliveries to all of Europe. We are meticulous with the execution of your orders, with a low rate of errors and satisfied customers.

In addition, we can handle gift wrapping, shoe impregnation and design an return note. We have our very own photo studio where we can shoot a professional picture of your product when you are about to stock the shelves of your webshop with new products. We also have the the Danish Veterinary and Food Administrations approval to store and handle your foods.

Opting for Prime Cargo as your e-logistics partner gives you full control of your warehousing and e-commerce logistics, from picking up items from the manufacturer to delivering the end-product on your customer's doorstep.

Prime Cargo offers the following e-commerce logistics services:

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