Update from shipping / Golden Week

In August, there was an expectation within the shipping industry of a "dive or pause" in the number of bookings. 

This has not been the case, but we have found it impossible to obtain large quantities of containers on the desired ship, and in other cases, it has been very difficult to get containers released by the shipping company. There are reports of 20-30% overbooked ships.

This is estimated to continue until mid-September. After this, the volume will increase due to the Golden Week "rush", which is typically in the second half of September.

This year, Golden Week runs from 1st - 7th October, and it will not be possible to pick up or ship goods during this period, as our Chinese colleagues are on holiday.

We therefore encourage you to book your transport well in advance. Space on ships, planes and trains is limited, while demand is rising sharply in the weeks leading up to Golden Week.


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