PWT Group and Prime Cargo enters strategic cooperation

Following a constructive dialogue and an extensive tender process Prime Cargo have signed a 3-year contract with PWT Group. The contract covers all overseas shipments within sea freight, air freight and rail. PWT Group is a wholesale company for the 2 well-known Danish men's clothing chains Wagner and Tøjeksperten, including 7 brands such as, Bison, Junk De Luxe, Lindbergh.

Thomas Juul-Andersen, Supply Chain Manager, PWT Group says “Our business is constantly evolving and during our talks with Prime Cargo, we were met a sincere interest in development of our workflows and processes to make us more efficient. In addition to favorable rates. We look forward to the collaboration and hope to have a long and solid partnership with focus on optimization and innovation as a part of daily life.”

Henrik Hansen, Group Sales Director, Prime Cargo says “We are obviously proud and honored that PWT Group, who are a strong player in the Danish textile industry, chooses to believe in the visions and aspirations we offer. We have vast experience in imports for a large part of the Danish textile industry due to our great solutions from China, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Vietnam. This partnership is compliment to all the talented Prime Cargo employees who ensures that our clients deliver solid results.


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