Prime Cargo adopts a school class

”We learn to work. We work to learn. This can be applied to both a 2nd grade class as well as the employees at Prime Cargo.”

We have established a working relationship with Kolding Friskole and adopted a 2nd grade class. The students and Prime Cargo will follow each other until the students complete the primary school. During the partnership, the class will get an understanding of how it is to work at Prime Cargo. Thus, the students gain more knowledge about the various educational opportunities that await them after primary school.

At least twice a year the students from the class will attend a learning visit at us. During the visit, the students are assigned a task which must be solved at Prime Cargo and in cooperation with our employees. The tasks are within the topics that the class works with in teaching, hence the topics are transferred to the adoption company.

First learning visit will be Friday, October 5, 2018. Here the students will hear about Prime Cargo and come for a tour around our terminals and departments. In return, the students will prepare a book about themselves at school, for us to get to know the students as well. Relationships will be established across the class and company with the purposes of:

  • Students get new role models.
  • Students learn about the Danish labor market culture.
  • Students find a purpose and connection with the subjects they are taught at school.
  • Prime Cargo assumes specific local social responsibility.
  • Prime Cargo gets a breath of fresh air on normal working day.
  • Prime Cargo has the opportunity to promote the industry to the next generation of employees.

We are looking forward to starting the project and have the company of 19 students several times a year.

For more information about the initiative, please call or write to Nadia Kirkegaard on tel. +45 2788 0349.


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