Port Congestion in Shanghai

In the freight forwarding industry, there are a number of factors that can cause port congestion. One of the major reasons is due to bad weather. Shipping will always be at the mercy of it, so everyone does their best to buckle down and push through. Besides bad weather, an overflow of container shipments can also be at play here. As a result, the terminal operators can be buried in containers.

Shanghai has one of the world’s busiest ports, with constant and cumulative shipments coming in and out. This April, congestion has severely affected ocean freight carriers and operations. The congestion has been attributed to unusual weather in the Shanghai area that has caused dense fog and higher-than-usual container volumes.

Due to the frequent heavy fog that has blanketed Shanghai Port and the Yangtze River, port channels have been blocked causing delays in shipping. As a result of the port congestion and temporary port closure caused by the dense fog, ocean freight schedules have been affected, with vessel arrivals and departures occurring off schedule or unable to reach port and being rerouted. It has been reported that it may take from 4-5 weeks for operations to return to normal in Shanghai.

In times like these, we warn our customers in advance of the severe congestion and plan ahead to overcome the unstable shipping schedules. When shipping, we communicate in advance with you and make the necessary arrangements for containers and port entry plans to avoid additional costs.


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