Opening of transport division in Poland

It only takes 4 ½ hours from Kolding to Stettin (however, René is speedy)!

Poland is so much more than just cheap vodka and wild boar hunting - it’s a country with a strong and growing economy. A country with thriving development and a country to which many Danish companies choose to move their production (and it doesn’t take more than 6 hours to drive there - only 4 ½ when driving with René).


We move more than goods - we move René

We are moving René Minke, who has 19 years of experience in the transport industry to Poland, where he is about to open our transport division. We know how important it is to gather storage and freight in the same flow, we understand deadlines and we understand your goods. We already have a total freight and logistics solution in Denmark - now we have one in Poland as well.  So instead of spending your time on worring about transport and logistics (leave it to us, we love it), you can spend your time hunting wild boars (or whatever you like to hunt).


Facts about Poland

  • Located only 350 km from Copenhagen.
  • Centrally situated between the German and Russian markets.
  • Large home market with 38 million consumers.
  • Rapidly growing economy.


René Gabelgaard Minke
Transport Manager Poland

Mobile +45 2944 4779
Phone +48 91 88 11 727


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