Expansion of the AutoStore - doubling the capacity

This August, we have embarked on a major expansion of our AutoStore in the e-commerce warehouse. This expansion means that we can double our current capacity.

Demand in the e-commerce market is growing – and growing fast. This constantly places greater demands on us and our customers, and we must always be at the forefront of developments.

We are in constant dialogue with our customers, and we have spent the time since last year's peak season wisely, constantly optimising and refining our processes.

That is why we are extra excited, as this investment will have a great impact on our e-commerce customers, who are competing in a market where time-to-market is of paramount importance.

In addition to the many new robots that have moved in, this major expansion also requires the belt system and chutes to be expanded, and more outbound doors to be added.

The entire expansion will be completed in September, so we will be more than ready for the peak season, with Black Friday and Christmas shopping.


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