Are your products going to or from China?

Do you think air freight is too expensive and sea freight too slow? Then railway is the perfect compromise. Much cheaper than air freight and much faster than sea freight.

Especially from the northern Chinese ports there are time to be saved. Additionally, the environmental impact from rail freight is far less compared with traditional transport.

In comparison to air and sea freight, the railroad is characterized by high speed over long distances, well-organized rail network and stations, regular departures from China to Kolding, as well as Prime Cargo's well-known LCL-containers - as you know it from sea freight.

We offer:

  • Our own weekly LCL (bulk goods) container loaded by Prime Cargo China and emptied by Prime Cargo Denmark every week. LCL-loads can be picked up throughout China and subsequently loaded into the container.
  • FCL (full load) door-to-door containers, picked up anywhere in China.

The transit time is 18-20 days between Hefei and Hamburg. Consequently, Prime Cargo's rail solution is an extremely flexible and fast transportation solution. You can find our overview of train departures here.

The LCL-containers are picked up at the railway station in Hamburg and driven to Kolding to be unloaded and sorted.

FCL containers, however, are driven directly from Hamburg to the desired delivery point in Denmark. Otherwise, it can go via Prime Cargos terminal in Kolding or Greve if you wish to outsource emptying and sorting of the container. Due to our knowledge of container collection in Hamburg we offer a fast forward delivery of the container from Hamburg.

If you want to know more about our rail freight solution, call or write to Søren Jepsen at +45 7633 0393  or Lasse Palmqvist at +45 7632 0398.


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