Tobias Lykke Bertelsen

From student worker to trainee

Why do you work at Prime Cargo?

When I started working at Prime Cargo two years ago as a student worker, I quickly realized that I enjoy working in this field. So, it was an easy decision to start as a trainee. Besides the fact that this is an interesting profession with plenty of opportunity, I decided to become a trainee at Prime Cargo because of the amazing dynamics at the office – things are humming, and people have plenty of drive. It’s a great team of people, who all strive to be the best – something that rubs off and is very motivating.


What are your main tasks?

As a trainee at Prime Cargo my tasks are very diverse. With help from my colleagues, I estimate prices on courier, truck and transport by air, sea and train. I advise our clients on which type of transport that best matches their goods and follow the different shipments from pick-up to delivery. I also have more fundamental work tasks, such as billing, bookkeeping, administrating new bookings and much more.


What is the most interesting project you’ve plunged into at Prime Cargo?

Most projects I work on at Prime Cargo are new to me and therefore very interesting. During my time here as a trainee, I’ve been challenged in many different ways, so it’s difficult to name just one. One thing is for sure, though – not one day is the same, and that’s what makes it really exciting to work here.


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