PH Sko

Delivery reliability is alpha and omega

Meet Peter Hildebrandt, owner of PH Sko. Peter and co. started working together with us in 2016 in the warehouse where we pick, pack and send out to stores. In addition, he has had the pleasure of using our lightning-fast Portugal's Road product.Just see here.

PH Sko needed extra items in the stores for Black Friday, and even though the order was made just ahead of Black Friday, it succeeded. They placed the order with us for picking up shoes in Portugal on Thursday the week before Black Friday, and by the next week the goods are collected, stocked, picked and packed and sent to the stores.


  • DAY 1: PH Sko places the order 5 working days before Black Friday.
  • DAY 2: We arrange pick-up with Garland - our Portuguese partner on the road.
  • DAY 5: The goods arrive at our warehouse at 14:30, after which we empty, stock, pick, pack and send to stores all over Denmark.
  • DAY 6: The goods arrive at the stores, and Black Friday can bring it on.


Just 5 (working) days. That's all it took from when PH Sko made the order until the shoes were out in stores Friday morning for Black Friday.

PH Sko works with a tight time frame, which is why one day can make a big difference to the delivery time. For us, being able to take action even with short deadlines and still guarantee delivery reliability is alpha and omega when the customers are working in high seasons, such as Black Friday.

Imagine if PH Sko had received the goods one day later - they would have missed the Black Friday window. Fortunately, they do not need to imagine this."