If you have a webshop, your pick and pack-storage hotel is more or less your most important cooperation partner. Outsourcing such an important task requires a lot of trust. Prime Cargo has met our expectations to the full – and more than exceeded them!

We launched our web shop out of the basement of our house and were responsible for all aspects of the business in the first two years of its existence. As interest in our web shop gradually grew, we started to spend all of our time on order handling and goods receipt and practically no time at all on important things like the further development and optimisation of the web shop. We soon realised that if we wanted to keep growing, we had to outsource the pick and pack part of the business.

We visited and talked to several different suppliers when we were looking for a pick and pack warehouse, but none of them impressed us as much as Prime Cargo. Not only did they have a thorough insight into e-commerce, but they also presented solutions to all of our areas of concern – even before we had managed to articulate them.

As a dealer of exclusive products, we must emphasise, in particular, Prime Cargo’s outstanding handling of the goods, which is not limited only to careful goods receipt or daily cleaning but also to Prime Cargo's ability to find competent and committed employees who make just as much effort to manage our business as they would their own. Another thing that may come as a surprise is the competitive price we were offered.

So even though we are in the opposite corner of Denmark, we feel a very close connection to Prime Cargo. We had feared a very rigid setup that required us to conform to fixed procedures, but what we actually found is unbelievable flexibility and willingness to accommodate our requests. We had also feared that as a small and relatively new company, we would not get enough attention and “disappear” among the other large customers who were using the warehouse. However, what we experience more or less on a daily basis is that we are Prime Cargo's most important customer!

The warmest of recommendations from Louise & Anders Dreyer 


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