Birte Petersen

109 km back and forth to get to work is no object when you are happy with your job.

Birte comes from Germany and drives the 109 km to Prime Cargo in Denmark every day. She has been doing this for the last 7 years. Back then she took up a course in Danish in order to expand her job opportunities, and the first job opening she got was for a job at Prime Cargo. She staked everything on it and took yet another Danish course as it seemed as if Prime Cargo was worth staking on. Birte has been a team leader in goods reception, but has now moved on to new challenges as Logistics Coordinator at our Terminal 2 in Kolding.


What gives you joy at work?

"I am always challenged, and there is always an opportunity for development. I also have some sweet and good colleagues. The work is nice, and it definitely doesn't hurt that jobs in Denmark are well-paid. A job at Prime Cargo gives you a good chance to show what you are capable of, without necessarily having papers for it."


What is the most exciting task you have ever been entrusted with at Prime Cargo?

"It must be the chance I got to build a whole new department from the ground up only a year after my appointment – goods reception. The department was a real success and is still going really strong. I still get exciting work tasks, but this must be the largest and most exciting task I can remember."