Alexander Gorell

I expect to remain here until I retire.

How long have you worked for Prime Cargo?

"I started at terminal 1 on 23rd of April 2007 and now have a full-time sheltered job at terminal 2."


What gives you joy at work?

"I have a couple of really good colleagues and like working at Prime Cargo. I expect to remain here until I retire."


How can you make a difference for your customers or colleagues?

"I make sure that everything is nice and clean and that there is always cardboard available for use. I also take care of all kinds of possible ad hoc jobs at the warehouse."


What is the most exciting thing you have taken part in at Prime Cargo?

"Prime Cargo's 10th anniversary. The company organised an event day with different activities and a great party afterwards where we all had lots of fun, both new and old colleagues."


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