Per Østerkjærhus

From warehouse employee to WMS specialist in the IT department

Per was a warehouse employee for many years but in 2008 was appointed liaison between the warehouse and the IT department. Per has actually been with us from the very start and will soon make 17 years at the company.


Why do you work for Prime Cargo?

"I have been with the company from the very beginning, almost 17 years ago. I knew the people behind the company all the way back before everything started. When Prime Cargo was established, I followed them here. I have a couple of really good colleagues, and working here is fun. It is super important that we have a good time together when we are at work. When you're having such a good time where you are, you want to stay, which is also why I haven't had the need to look for new challenges outside the company."


What are your primary work tasks?

"I take part in developing new things for our warehouse management systems. We have an external developer who designs various things for us, and then it is me who tests if they work in practice. In addition, I implement new customers, suppliers, etc. in the system and provide support for everything around the warehouse. So if there is something wrong with the storage system, I am ready to help."


What is the most exciting thing you have tackled at Prime Cargo?

"This has certainly been the challenge of getting familiar with all that IT stuff. I came from the warehouse where I knew everything, and all of a sudden I was supposed to start from scratch with something brand new. It took some time for me to get acquainted with all the new stuff, but in the end everything started to make sense again."