Warehouse and logistics trainee

Logistics that have to come together in a synthesis, shipments from all over the world, distribution to many different customers as well as one of Denmark's best workplaces... does this sound like the thing for you?

If it does, you should join the family of Prime Cargo – a modern, reliable, flexible and innovative company with 100% commitment to our work, the surrounding world and you as an employee.

We give you space to develop and take independent decisions, while helping you throughout the training course in the best way possible. We give you warehouse and logistics training that will prepare you to work in many exciting areas. You will learn about, among other things:

  • The daily operation of the warehouse
  • Quality control
  • The process and development of routines and working procedures in the workplace
  • Modern IT systems.
  • The financial management of the warehouse
  • Transport technologies
  • Control counts

You will also get a driving licence for forklift trucks and delivery vans with a weight of less than 3,500 kg.


The training alternates between theoretical courses at the Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Education and a traineeship at Prime Cargo.

Take the warehouse and terminal training's first-year introductory course and develop independent skills in warehouse operation and logistics.

If you would like to know more about Prime Cargo's training, contact our HR department.