Prime Academy

Prime Academy is Prime Cargo's internal training scheme. Our vision is to train our employees so that they are well-prepared to carry on the whole of Prime Cargo and our unique culture into the future.

After investing a lot of efforts and planning into Prime Academy, we officially launched the new training scheme in October 2013 with 12 hopeful participants. The training spans over a period of 12 months, and all participants are led through all of the company's business areas, such as, e.g. finance, strategy, air freight, sea freight and e-commerce, thereby gaining an insight into all elements of the company's operations. This is extremely valuable as employees have worked at the company for years are sometimes not aware of what happens on the other side of the aisle.

The scheme has been developed internally and is tailored to Prime Cargo's spirit to ensure that it is not a rigid and monotonous course, but rather a relaxed training with a cheerful atmosphere that imbues every single participant with Prime Cargo's spirit and culture.

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