Our culture

This creates a relaxed, down-to-earth environment of inclusion. Whether a warehouse employee or a director, everyone shares their meals side by side in the company's canteen.

Our company revolves around building close, long-term relationships. We believe these last longer than just business. Most of our employees have been with us for not less than 10-15 years and many of them all the way from our establishment in 1998.

The good spirit in Prime Cargo and amongst our employees means that we as colleagues help and support each other. There is good feedback among our colleagues, and if there is something in need of urgent attention, we lend each other a hand until the problem is solved. Freedom with responsibility is the principle we all work according to.

There is not much of a distance from an warehouse employee to the director at Prime Cargo, and everyone eats side by side in our canteen. This generates a relaxed down-to-earth environment that strengthens our professional work routine. This also means that everyone wants to do their best and do their job well. We all have a shared responsibility, which makes going to work a bit more fun.

We share a strong team spirit, and we want to continue to focus on keeping the good Prime Cargo culture. This is why we have now launched a culture project where we put into words and phrases what our culture stands more exactly for.

The world is our workplace

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In 2020 we have accomplished:
  • 2000000

    Packages delivered

  • 5500

    Containers delivered

  • 629

    Ships sailed with goods

  • 2569095

    Pallets through our warehouse

  • 19800

    Consumed cups of coffee


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