When you cooperate with us, you are in safe hands. Also when it comes to corporate social responsibility. Corporate social responsibility has been a natural part of Prime Cargo's corporate culture ever since it was established in 1998. 

Corporate social responsibility for Prime Cargo is what binds us to the surrounding world. We have divided our corporate social responsibility policy into three principal points: Personnel responsibility, environmental responsibility and social responsibility.


Personnel responsibility

As a company, we want to provide the best service in the industry – and our employees are our most important and largest resource for attaining this goal.

  • We have a focus on giving individual conditions to individual employees in order to make it easier for our personnel to balance their work and personal life.
  • We have introduced a new system for better arrangement of our annual employee development interviews. It is our objective to make the interviews a structural element of our employment relationships.
  • We have an internal talent scheme called Prime Academy. The scheme gives employees the opportunity to develop individual competencies within our business areas, corporate culture and leadership. Our objectives is to have 8 to 12 employees per year who take part in Prime Academy.
  • We have an employee retention policy. The policy addresses, among other things, seniors who want to remain on the labour market on special terms as well as employees with afflictions, who are offered, e.g. sheltered work. 
  • In cooperation with the Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Education, we have devised a Prime Cargo class teaching students in the areas of warehousing and logistics. We offer internships during the course of education, and our objective is to have at least 1 class per year with approx. 15 warehousing and logistics students.
  • We take good care of our employees and naturally have a workplace assessment and a contingency plan. In addition, we offer physiotherapy and massage.


Environmental responsibility

The environment is a factor of vital importance at Prime Cargo. This is why we think all the time in environmentally-friendly ways, take responsibility and make a difference wherever we can.

  • We sort waste for recycling – cardboard, plastic, paper, metal and combustible waste.
  • We invest in low-energy equipment
  • We have a focus on reducing our power consumption


Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a natural part of our operations at Prime Cargo. We have lent support to several humanitarian purposes around the world throughout the years:

  • The Hope School project in China where we aided the building of the Hung Bao Primary School in the Yuan Zhou District, Zhang Yi, Guyuan City in the Ningxia Province. The school was reconstructed in 2008/2009 and is now called the Prime Cargo Hope School.
  • Financial support for the reconstruction of a school in India damaged by the tsunami in 2004.
  • Participation in DANIDA projects in Vietnam and Egypt.
  • We support the Red Cross through the Fashion Aid / "Smid tøjet, Danmark" (Drop your Clothes, Denmark) project where we collect clothes for the Red Cross' thrift shops. The profits from the sale are used for helping distressed families all over the world.


In addition, we organise locally anchored activities where we support a number of good projects and initiatives in our immediate vicinity:

  • Danish Hospital Clowns work at hospitals and institutions where there are hospitalised children all over Denmark.
  • We sponsor non-elite and elite handball, football and cycling teams.
  • In Kolding, which is the location of our Danish headquarters, we support the God Jul til Alle (Merry Christmas to All) project that helps marginalised families with young children with food, Christmas presents and Christmas sweets for Christmas. We also support local cultural institutions in Kolding like Godset, Koldinghus and Trapholt.