Drop Your Clothes

At Prime Cargo, we drop our clothes again... And we love it!

This is the third consecutive year that we support the Red Cross and TV2’s cooperation “Drop Your Clothes Denmark”, where all Danes are encouraged to donate their used clothing to the Red Cross relief efforts. In fact, we have been a Red Cross partner right back from the campaign's start in 2010, at that time just called FashionAid Day.

As main partner, we pick up all the clothes that companies throughout Denmark donate  - free of charge, and we are happy to do so. It may sound like a cliché that it's part of our DNA to be socially responsible, but nevertheless it's true.


How can you help?

You can donate your used clothing to the Red Cross and help people where it's most needed. If you have an errand near Greve or Kolding, please feel free to stop by with a sack of used clothing then we will repay with a cup of coffee and a chat. If you are not nearby, you can deliver your clothing in Red Cross stores, in one of their 1,500 blue containers, or at one of the public collection sites in Denmark. 

It does not matter if the clothes are stained or have holes - just it's clean. And if you have shoes or bags that you no longer use (and frankly - there are many of us who have), you can also donate them.


Why donate your clothes?

Your clothing means more help to people in need. When the garment is recycled, you save resources and conserve the environment. When you pass your clothes on, others get the opportunity to buy cheap and good clothes, thus both you and the buyer will be supporting a good cause.

The Red Cross's secondhand shops earn millions of dollars each year for relief efforts by selling used clothes. When donating clothing to the Red Cross , you become part of the community that makes the help possible - both in the world and in Denmark.


Who will benefit from your donations?

You help, among others:

  • Lonely people in Denmark
    Every week more than 8,000 Danes are visited by Red Cross volunteers, who help to change loneliness to joy of life.
  • Rebuilding of schools in Nepal
    45,000 classrooms were injured in the earthquake in Nepal in 2015. The Red Cross helps schools resist natural disasters in the future.
  • Ebola survivors in Liberia
    After Ebola often comes depressions, joint pain and impaired vision / hearing. Red Cross trains local volunteers in giving care to Ebola survivors.
  • Internally displaced in Iraq
    The Red Cross provides food, water, shelter and medical assistance to thousands of 10 million people who need humanitarian aid in Iraq.


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