About DSV Prime Cargo

<p>At DSV Prime Cargo, we are all one big family who are strongly committed to what we do, each other and, in particular, our customers. The recipe for our success is individual, value-adding logistics solutions seasoned with world-class personal service.</p>

DSV Prime Cargo is an international forwarding company based in Kolding, Denmark

At DSV Prime Cargo, we attach prime importance to professional and attentive service and short response times. Our experience tells us that this is the road to take if we are to create good and strong relationships with customers and cooperation partners.

We have a strong network revolving around long-term personal relations. This network combined with our skilled employees is the reason why we can be so fast and efficient. But we also know that success does not just materialise out of thin air. This is why we make an active contribution to several areas to ensure we improve continually improve ourselves.

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