International freight services and transportation from Prime Cargo

Whatever your desired form of transportation, you can rest assured that if you entrust your goods to Prime Cargo, they will be in good hands. We have many years of experience with global transportation solutions and a solid international network, which ensures that we will carry your goods back and forth on time and at a fair price. The secret behind our many satisfied customers? Flexible solutions that are tailored to individual needs!

Check out our freight services here on our website and don't hesitate to give us a call if a challenge comes your way – whether big or small.

The world is our workplace

While you are sitting there, we are working hard!
In 2018 we have accomplished:
  • 2000000

    Packages delivered

  • 5500

    Containers delivered

  • 629

    Ships sailed with goods

  • 2569095

    Pallets through our warehouse

  • 19800

    Consumed cups of coffee


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